In Memoriam: Fear Street Seniors RECAP (Episodes 4-6): Who Has Survived So Far!

We’re now at the halfway mark, and only three seniors have died. WTF? I was expecting some serious carnage and at least an average of one body per book/episode. Well here is a look at those seniors no longer with us…

(Obviously, there are some serious spoilers ahead…)

The fourth book/episode was the best of this bunch. It’s also the one to have the only senior death that I care about: Debra Lake.


The fourth book/episode No Answer was intense and I really liked it. Though I was not crazy that Debra died. She was one of the nicest characters – the perfect girl next door. Beautiful, funny, smart, dating a nerd, very nonjudgmental who was everyone’s rock. She was the first to offer someone help and was so laidback and thoughtful and compassionate…. It doesn’t help that she was murdered for being a good friend.

They should have offed Mira Block in this book. She’s the killer! And there is no love lost there. She’s out for the series to why not amp up the body count? Also, I really wanted to see her get electrocuted. Am I sick? Anyway, she may not be dead, but she might as well be, goodbye Mira!

Mira Block

The fifth book/episode Last Chance was super lame. I mean in a serious way. And no one died, so moving on…

The sixth book/episode The Gift also had another death. I honestly thought this would be a favorite for me. It focused on a Fear, supposedly was about being possessed and forced to do horrible things like the original Fear Street trilogy The Cheerleaders and just seemed so full of promise. Well it was melodramatic and so bad it was good, but I thought it would just be good. Though, bravo to Stine for really giving the reader some crazy twists… Let’s just say you don’t know who anyone really is in this senior class! 😉

While Ty Sullivan had some close calls and so did Jennifer Fear, the only person to die in this book was Greta Bradley.


I would like to point out that Greta’s picture did not appear in the Seniors Yearbook until book/episode #5, but she was in this series from the very beginning unlike the first victim of this series, Danielle Cortez. Even though Greta wasn’t featured in the yearbook she was being her bitchy self at Trisha’s party and at the senior campout and in another book/episode where it looked like she might be moving in on her best friend’s boyfriend. She was always there. Never very nice. Just cold, shallow, bitchy – the stereotype of the bleach-blond cheerleader (she was a blond btw). So I’m really not sad to see her go. Though I know Ty will be, she seemed to be his on-and-off “I don’t care if you see other girls, just keep seeing me” thing. Sorry, Ty. You’ll have to find someone new to screw over.

What’s Up With The “Missing Seniors”?

Okay, so I am sure this is like déjà vu if you read the first recap of this miniseries so far… no there are no more missing seniors, but I wanted to say something about the four seniors who did not appear in the yearbook until later on: Mira Block, Greta Bradley, Danielle Cortez and Justin Thompson.

Look at the names. No seriously, look at them. Two of the “missing seniors” have already been killed. Another ended up being a psycho murderer and is no longer in the series, though still alive. That means there is only one more “missing senior” left who isn’t already dead or a locked-up psychopath.

Things aren’t looking good for you, Justin…

So that’s what’s happened, or at least who has died and who has checked out in a serious way. I really hope the body count starts going up – like big time. I feel like they should have at least two deaths for the next three books/episodes in order to make up for this lame death toll. Doomed class, my ass! Come on, Stine! Deliver what you promised! 😛



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