About Me

I am a writer, activist and former resident hell raiser. I always seem to need a cause to fight for or an incredibly difficult series of goals to attain. Technically, I should not be here many times over and yet I seem to get off on thwarting medical statistics and being the exception while keeping humor and wit intact. I try to remain a ‘big picture’ person who still sees all the tiny pictures and possibilities at one time.

About This Blog

Welcome to my new blog, which is really just a spin-off of my original blog. I’m really excited to have a place dedicated to for reviews. I’ve moved all of the reviews I wrote on my original blog over here, and now I’m ready to get started on some more. When I think of reviews I think about books, movies, TV and new music releases. But why stop there? There are so many other things I could write about, so why not broaden my definition of what qualifies as an interesting review?

Why not talk about limited time stuff? New ideas? Apps? The idea that anything can essentially become a review is exciting. I’m happy to have this new blog and new start. I plan to have a lot of fun with this so please follow my blog if you want to enjoy the ride with me. 😉


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